[Difference between river shrimp and sea shrimp]_Features_Features

[Difference between river shrimp and sea shrimp]_Features_Features

The difference between prawns and prawns is in the size and living environment. We can judge from their size. Generally, prawns are relatively small, while prawns are relatively large, and the colors are different.River prawns are usually cyan, while sea prawns are white.

Let us now understand the difference between the two ingredients of river shrimp and sea shrimp.

The difference between prawns and prawns1. The biggest difference between prawns and prawns is that they produce different waters. Prawns usually live in seawater. It is a kind of seafood, while live shrimp mainly live in freshwater.Rivers and lakes in most areas are the main producing areas of river shrimp.

2. The appearance color of shrimp and sea shrimp is different. River prawn is also called prawn.

In addition, prawns are relatively small, but the content of protein and calcium is particularly high. Although the prawns are large, they are not as high in nutritional value as prawns.

How to eat prawns1. The prawns are relatively small. They are usually suitable for deep-fried food. They are crispy and crispy when they are fried. They are especially delicious when fried.Eggs and a spoonful of flour, add the appropriate amount of onion ginger powder and white pepper powder, and a small amount of table salt, marinate for half an hour.

2. Put the oil in the pan and heat it. When the oil is 70% hot, take out the marinated shrimp and put it in the pan. Slowly fry it with low heat. After its surface becomes golden brown, remove the drained oil.If you want to make it crunchy and tender, you can put it back in the pan and fry it after frying, and fry it again on a high fire.

How to eat prawns There are many different ways to use prawns. The easiest way to eat prawns is to wash the prawns and cook them in boiling water. Remove them and place them on a plate. Then chop garlic and ginger into fine pieces., Add an appropriate amount of raw soy sauce and balsamic vinegar, mix into a sauce, directly take out the shrimp and dip.

In addition, sea shrimp can be fried, and you can make it into prawns with oil in the future.