[Chestnut lean porridge]_Boiled porridge_How to make

[Chestnut lean porridge]_Boiled porridge_How to make

Autumn is the season of chestnut harvest. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, chestnut is a very good food for people, and can nourish and regulate the body.

Many people like to eat fried chestnuts with sugar. In fact, there are many ways to eat chestnuts. Chestnut chicken and chestnut lean porridge are common foods.

Chestnut lean broth is very rich in nutritional value and can volatilize all the old nutrients in a part.

First, the nutritional value of chestnut lean broth. Chestnuts are rich in vitamin C, which can maintain the normal function of teeth, bones, blood vessels and muscles. It can prevent and treat osteoporosis, tenderness in the waist and legs, pain in muscles and bones, fatigue, etc., and delay human aging, Is the ideal health fruit for the elderly.

The protein of lean meat is high-quality protein, which contains all essential amino acids of the human body.

Lean crystal iron is necessary for the production and maintenance of red blood cells in human blood.

Pork is the main source of vitamin supplements, especially vitamin B1 in refined pork.

Lean meat also contains excess vitamin B2, which is important for fecal synthesis and decomposition.

Fresh jujube has a higher transient state, which is mainly derived from the free radicals contained in about 23% -28%.

Fresh dates are rich in precipitated fiber, vitamins and trace elements. The content of vitamin P in jujube is the highest among all fruits and vegetables.

Aunt, starch, rutin, niacin and minerals.

Dried dates contain 2-3 times more minerals than fresh dates.

Lily contains starch, protein, trace and calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, zinc, selenium, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C, pantothenic acid, carotene and other nutrients.

It also contains some special nutritional ingredients, such as colchicine and other alkaloids.

Second, the effect of chestnut lean broth[chestnut]1.

Anti-aging: Chestnut is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins, minerals, can prevent hypertension, coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis, osteoporosis and other diseases. It is an anti-aging and long-lasting tonic.


Children’s sore tongue: Riboflavin contained in chestnut is very effective for children’s mouth sores and adult oral ulcers that are difficult to heal for a long time. Eating chestnuts often is very effective for children’s sore tongue.


Good food for the elderly: Chestnut contains very rich vitamin C, which can maintain the normal functions of teeth, bones, blood vessels and muscles. It can prevent and treat osteoporosis, soreness in the waist and legs, pain in the bones and muscles, fatigue, etc.Ideal fruit for elderly health.


Yiqi Jianpi: Chestnut is a high-concentration, high-density food in dried fruit varieties. It can supply heat energy above the human body, and can help a little metabolism.

[Lean meat]1.

Protein and fatty acid supplements: Lean meat can provide humans with high-quality protein and essential fatty acids.

Lean meat can also provide heme and cysteine which can promote iron absorption, which can improve iron deficiency anemia.


Nourishing kidney and nourishing yin: lean meat tastes slightly sweet, flat in nature, has the effect of moisturizing the stomach and intestines, nourishing fluid, nourishing kidney qi, and antipyretics.

Indications include fever injury, thirst, weight loss, kidney weakness and weakness, postpartum blood deficiency, dry cough, constipation, tonic deficiency, nourishing yin, moistening, nourishing liver and yin, moisturizing, urination, and quenching thirst.


Runzao: irritations caused by insufficient fluid, dry cough, constipation and dystocia, eating lean meat and boiling soup can be emergency.