[How long can coconut be kept]_storage_time

[How long can coconut be kept]_storage_time

Coconut is one of the more fruits we usually eat. Most people eat coconut water and usually drink coconut juice. However, this usually happens after passing by. Sometimes coconut water ca n’t be drunk.It is a pity that improper preservation will cause the taste of coconut juice. After drinking, it is not good for your health. Many people usually care about coconut preservation when eating coconut.

How long can coconuts be kept?

1. Green tender coconut (weighing about 3kg) Coconut green is characterized by rich water, thick skin and soft flesh, about three kilos per coconut.

This kind of green peel tender coconut has a particularly short shelf life. It can be harvested from the tree and only has a shelf life of 10?
About 12 days.

2, cyan old coconut (weight 2.

About 3kg) Cyan old coconut water is relatively small, the water can shake, but the meat is thick and the shelf life will be relatively long.

Green peel old coconut weight normally under 5?

Green peel old coconut has a shelf life of about 15?
About 20 days, the time taken from the tree.

3, peeled and tender coconut (weighing about 1kg) This coconut looks very white.

With preservative, can it save 8?
About 10 days, but after chemical bleaching and bleaching, the appearance looks very white, but customers are not recommended to buy instead of coconut.

The original coconuts were used by tourist attractions to fool tourists.

4, peeled old coconut (weighing about 1kg) without preservatives, can save 20?
80 days, there are many levels of oldness, like people from 40?
The age of 100 is almost the same, but the most conventional old coconut can be stored for more than 20 days.

Put coconuts on the market for 20?
The shelf life is about 30 days; the peeled old coconut is divided into two types: unprocessed and processed and polished, which are called two kinds of hair coconut and light coconut.

5. Coconut King (weighing about 1kg) The color of Coconut King is yellow, and the meat-eating coconut is green, which is the most obvious difference between the two types of coconut.

After artificial peeling, the brown color is obtained. The shelf life is 15?
30 days.

6, opened coconut The opened coconut is best connected within two hours, the taste is very easy to change.

How can coconut be stored for a long time? Peeled coconut will not be damaged as long as it is left open. It does not matter if mold grows outside, but it should not be too long.

Coconuts in the home generally need to be placed in a dry and ventilated place to avoid direct sunlight and water.

Coconut greens are best kept fresh in the refrigerator. It is best not to peel them. They will taste better, but they should not be frozen.

Whole coconuts can be kept in the refrigerator for up to 2 months.

: Later, the coconut meat can only be kept fresh in the refrigerator for several days. If the coconut meat is rubbed into thin filaments on a cutting board, it can be placed in a fresh-keeping bag and frozen. The storage time can reach 8-10 months.