Set a small goal after the festival, put the meat?

Set a small goal after the festival, put the meat?

Hello, old and new friends, everyone?
After a fat year, Chinese medicine doctor wants you?
Eat, drink, drink, and spend the New Year and round the round and give yourself a small target.

After the holiday to lose weight, there are coups of coarse salt and coarse salt against the uncle.

The coarse salt has a sweating effect, so it can transfer the waste and excess water in the body.

In addition, the coarse salt can also promote skin metabolism, soften the dirt, and make the skin delicate and tight.

This method of weight loss is: take a cup of coarse salt before each bath and add hot water to form a paste in the abdomen.

After 10 minutes, rinse the coarse salt with hot water, or rinse it off after massage and start taking a bath.

Another method is to apply a large spoonful of coarse salt on the palm of your hand for abdomen massage after bathing. You should not use too much force during massage to avoid injury to the skin.

However, some people, such as simple unfortunate obesity or muscle type obesity may not be suitable.

This type of obese person recommends using exercise or diet, or a combination of both.

In addition, the use of coarse salt diet depends on personal physique decisions, not everyone is suitable, some human body quality may cause adverse conditions, resulting in skin allergies, skin redness, skin dehydration, resulting in rough skin and so on.

Therefore, it is recommended to do sensitive tests before using the crude salt diet.

For example, the hand is sensitive and the back is hand.

Special effects Sit-ups for diarrhea can be used for special sit-ups, which is ideal for reducing the slightness of the abdomen.

At the beginning of the action, the athlete needs to lie on the back of the bed, and the front is to be explored outside the bed.

After lying down, gradually bend a part and insert the thigh into the abdomen.

Spread your hands horizontally on both sides of your body, then place your palms under the left side.

Then the abdomen forcefully pushes the legs and straightens the legs forward at a speed of up to 10.

Note that the toe must be tilted upwards to form a straight line. When finished, pause at the end and bend at a speed of 5 to restore the thigh to the starting position.

The back end, bones and arms must remain relaxed throughout the exercise, and the main force should be the abdomen.

The number of daily work, each person is customized according to their own physical conditions.

Abdominal walking Abdominal obese people can also use abdominal breathing to make abdomen walking.

The main point of this method is to fully expand the abdomen when inhaling, and the abdomen needs to contract when exhaling, and must be tightened.

It helps stimulate gastrointestinal motility, promotes waste discharge in the body, and increases lung capacity.

When performing abdomen walking, the following methods should be used: to reduce the abdomen and abdominal breathing during daily walking and alignment, which can make the abdominal muscles strong.

When you first start using this method, you will not get used to it, but as long as you remind yourself to walk abdomen, you will achieve good weight loss goals.

This way, after a few weeks, you can make the lower abdomen align, and even the walking posture will be more beautiful.

Seat weight loss training is suitable for seat weight loss training used by the office crowd.

Sitting on the side of the chair, hands clasping the back of the chair, feeling as if to slide off the chair.

At this time, try to relax your body, try to bow your back and make your waist as close as possible to the surface of the chair.

Then both feet take turns to do pedal bicycle action, then you must pay attention to relax the leg muscles.

When moving, you need one foot to extend downwards, and the lower the better, as long as you don’t touch the ground, while the other foot bends upwards, and the better.

You can also bend your legs upwards at the same time and down at the same time. When you do the movement, you need to try to close the seat.

These actions need to be practiced one step at a time, with more than 20 sessions per group.

Sticking to exercise for 15 minutes a day and eating less exercise is the truth of weight loss, so no matter how busy or lazy you are, take time out to exercise every day. Time does not care much. It is enough to stick to it in 15 minutes.

At home, you can do some simple exercises like aerobics or yoga.

  If you have a bicycle at home, you should pay attention to the weight loss of riding a bicycle.
Usually 5 minutes for a cycle, 4 minutes to ride at normal speed, 5 minutes without interruption, so the accumulation of consumption will be more than usual.

Detox holidays are used to big fish and big meat, after the festival should pay attention to detoxification.
Eating plenty of whole grains and vegetables can effectively eliminate toxins.

According to the normal digestion, absorption and metabolism of the human body, the food that has been eaten in the holiday has already completed all the cycles, that is, the fat meat has been hoarded, and the detoxification is not exhausted.

Oatmeal, corn and other coarse grains are vegetarian, contain enough supplemental fiber. Moderate consumption can delay gastric emptying, increase satiety, control food intake, and help control conversion; but if you eat too much, it will lead to indigestion, evenMake the initial fatigue of the holiday season worse.

Recommended healthy weight loss recipes, coix seed, coarse rice porridge practice: wash alkaline rice and coix seed.

Pour the right amount of water into the pot, add the coix seed and flour rice, boil it with a large fire, then boil it to a low heat until the coix seed and the crushed rice become rotten and form a porridge. Add sugar or salt to taste.

  Coix seed is both a Chinese herbal medicine but also a very good diet food.

Ren’s ability to eliminate edema is very high, often drink glutinous water can discharge excess water in the body in time, and the water of the glutinous rice has a beauty effect.

The nutrients of crude rice are higher than ordinary one hundred meters.

Rich in vitamins and various minerals, it is a healthy green food.

The micron-meter precipitation fiber can reduce the lower body’s aunt and achieve the effect of slimming the lower body.

Spring bamboo shoot porridge materials: spring bamboo shoots, glutinous rice, salt practice: the spring bamboo shoots are cleaned after shelling, and finally cut into thin slices for use; after the glutinous rice is washed, put it into the pot and porridge, wait until the rice grains are slightly split and then add the spring bamboo shoots; wait until the porridge is readyAdd salt and gently take it.

  Spring bamboo shoots are a seasonal ingredient that is crisp and refreshing, and rich in nutrients.

Modern medical research has found that bamboo shoots contain a lot of cellulose, so they have the effect of detoxification and slimming.

What is the spring health diet diet recipe, spring bamboo shoot porridge is a very good choice.

Celery Lily Practice: Wash the celery and put it in boiling water for 1 minute.

Cut into segments.

Remove the lily old clothes.

Pour the oil into the pan and heat it. Pour in the celery and stir fry for 2 minutes. Pour in the lily and add the seasoning before the lily becomes transparent.

  Celery is rich in nutrients and high in cellulose, which helps digestion and helps remove waste and excess water from the body.

Lily has the effect of beauty and beauty, and can slim down the body.

Hawthorn tea material: 20 grams of honeysuckle, 20 grams of chrysanthemum, 50 grams of hawthorn, a small amount of honey.

  Practice: Add honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, hawthorn to the pot, add 2000 ml of water for 30 minutes, then filter the juice.

Add boiled water once, then filter the juice, heat the filtered juice on the fire, heat it to a slight boiling and let it cool. Add honey to replace it.

Efficacy: degreasing, laxative, blood pressure, weight loss.

Bitter gourd apple juice material: one bitter gourd, one bottle of carbonated apple juice (can be reduced according to personal preference).

  Practice: first clean the bitter gourd, then cut into thin slices, try to cut as thin as possible to cut thin, because this thin can reduce the bitter taste of low bitter gourd.

Then pour all the carbonated apple juice into the pre-prepared utensils, and put the bitter gourd pieces together. Finally, wrap the utensils with plastic wrap, and make sure that the apple juice can’t run away.

After the package is finished, put the drink into the refrigerator and chill it. Usually it can be used instead of other drinks.

  Bitter gourd has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxifying, clearing eyes and clearing the heart. What is important is that it also has a good effect on reducing fat.

Apple juice can increase satiety and reduce your food intake.